Drawing Plants in Pen & Ink

Grab this opportunity to improve and polish your pen & ink technique with natural science illustrator Vera Ming Wong! Vera will be teaching “Plants in Pen & Ink” at Como Zoo & Conservatory this fall, 29 Sep – 17 Nov 2009 (8 weeks). Class meets Tuesdays, 6:30 – 9:00 pm.

Pen and ink has long been a favored medium for scientific illustration because of its clarity and ease of reproduction. For the field naturalist, pen and ink is easy to carry and creates an smudge-resistant image. Explore both traditional and modern forms of pen and ink. Finesse your line, stipple, brush and scratchboard techniques to describe plant forms clearly, sensitively and accurately.

Amerorchis rotundifolia

Amerorchis rotundifolia

Prerequisite: Botanical Drawing I or equivalent experience (ask me about a prerequisite waiver)
Cost: $175 for 8 wks

To register, or for a full listing of the many drawing and painting classes offered, go to comozooconservatory.org
Dowload a Class Announcement (PDF)

Vera Ming Wong has illustrated numerous books and magazine articles, working in pen & ink, brush & ink, watercolor and cut-paper. As a botanical illustrator and illustrator of animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate, Vera particularly enjoys drawing from life. Her drawings of trees (from life) appear in Welby Smith’s most recent book “Trees and Shrubs of Minnesota”. Vera has taught botanical and zoological drawing at Como Zoo and Conservatory for many years, and has gained recognition among naturalists and teachers for her workshops on using drawing as a medium for learning biology and other natural sciences, and math. She is founder and coordinator of Project Art for Nature


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