Local orchid photographer to display photos

This message is from MNPS member Peter Dziuk:
Greetings everybody:

By now most of you know I’ve been horsing around with digital cameras fairly intensively the last several years and the results have been rather fun. While I never have and perhaps never will claim to be a photographer, the subject matter I focus on, has itself been compelling for me.

That being said, the point of this note is to let everybody know that I actually have a little exhibit going up locally this week. The subject is Minnesota’s native orchids.

Theresa and I have poked around this state a lot the last two years and we’ve managed to come up with respectable images of 28 of our 43 native orchid species. Mostly just floral mug-shots, still the flowers speak well to the exotic personalities in this family of plants.

A local Vietnamese Restaurant (coincidentally called The Orchid) has agreed to let me put them on display. The images are up now and will be up through July 1, 2007

The restaurant is in White Bear Township at the corner (SW intersection corner by theater) of County Road J and Interstate 35E.

The owners have asked that on June 6, between 3:00 and 5:00 pm, I might agree to show up and say something (for whatever that would be worth) and a discount meal would be offered at that time as well. I have no objective way of knowing what kind of response there will be for this but I’m asking people who might be interested to RSVP me as the place only seats 120 people.

We have also worked out a coupon that you can print out and redeem for 25% off a meal for 2 (see attached) valid at any time. We are doing a little piece in the local paper but this coupon will be distributed via email only. I don’t have the most complete email list (but its getting lengthy) please feel free to forward this to others who might be interested.

The small feature article coming out in the local paper next week simply comments on the exhibit and the fact that global warming and climate change will likely push all of these species from the state within the next 50 years.

Keep in mind, if you want to show up to see the images, they are plastered above all the tables so busy periods will make it difficult to view them. The restaurant says any day of the week between 2:00 and 5:00 pm would be good times

I hope there is some interest out there. I’ve had a lot of fun getting these images together and I hope others will enjoy them as well.

The restaurant address is: 1190 County Road J, White Bear Township, MN 55127.

You can check them out at their website www.orchid-restaurant.com




One Response to Local orchid photographer to display photos

  1. Sean Jergens says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I don’t have any posted online, except for the July 1 post above

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