What’s a Good Wildflower Book?

Friday, May 11th, 7:30-8:30 PM – FREE!
Mager’s and Quinn Booksellers
3038 Hennepin Ave. South, Minneapolis

Identifying native plants can be a life long passion, aided by a wide variety of guides and identification methods. Different guides sort flowers out by color or habitat. Some use keys instead of short descriptions paired with illustrations. How do you choose the best book for you? Hear the recommendations of Lee Ann Landstrom and Ken Arndt, experts on Minnesota’s native plants during this informal discussion.

Sponsored by the Bell Museum of Natural History.

Upcoming Bell Museum Field Trips:
Naming Native Plants at Nine Mile Creek
Sat. June 9th, 9 am – noon
$10 ($7 members), register by June 5th
This field trip celebrates the 300th Anniversery of the birth of Swedish Naturalist Carl Linnaeus, who developed our modern system of naming living things. More than half of Minnesota’s plants were originally named by Linnaeus. Explore the explosion of early summer plant life in this remarkable preserve. The Nine Mile Creek area in Bloomington offers some of the most easily accessible diverse flora in the Twin Cities metrorea. Trip Leader: Robert Bergard. To register, call the Bell Museum Registration Office at 612-624-9050


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