One of my favorite features of this blog is the site meter feature at the bottom of the page. Besides keeping track of how many visitors we get the the blog, it is (somehow) able to track where the visitors are coming from. Besides the MnNPS members who regularly visit, we get people from all over the world to stop by.

The map above is accessible by clicking on the site meter (the big red numbers) at the bottom of the page and then clicking on “by world map” in the left column. Then click on “100” to see where the last 100 visitors to the blog are located in the world. Pretty neat!

Some of the more exotic locations include China, Brazil, Portugal, and South Africa. I am wondering what our foreign friends have to say about the Minnesota Native Plant Society? Do you have an interest in native plants, or just coming across our site randomly?


One Response to Towards a WORLDWIDE MnNPS

  1. Rattlesnake Master says:

    Maybe they are looking for the Portugeuse equivalent of the acronym MNNPS…?
    (That theory may not work for China tho, with it’s character alphabet, and written reverse order. Maybe it’s SPNNM with a translator webpage) Did a lot of them come from WorldLingo?

    Or trying to find a good garnish for lutefisk?

    Checking the geographic diversity of buckthorn?

    Looking for cheap Mall of America shopping tour tickets…?

    Just a few theories

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